Workshops and Field Days

Stream Clean Up

The Youngs Creek Watershed Project & Indian Creek Watershed projects in cooperation with Johnson County Solid Waste Department, Franklin Parks and Recreation, Franklin Department of Public Works, and the Johnson County SWCD, held the annual stream clean up for a portion of Youngs Creek in Franklin.  Volunteers picked up trash between Blue Heron and Province Park on Saturday, April 21, 2007.  The morning concluded with a free lunch for everyone involved.

Fall Pond Pro Workshop, October 22, 29, November 5, Franklin College

The Youngs Creek & Indian Creek Watershed Projects and the Johnson County SWCD, partnered with Franklin College to host the Pond Pro Workshop. The Pond Pro Workshop is designed to provide you with the needed information for maintaining a healthy and safe pond. Friendly workshop instructors include natural resource professionals (Local, State and Federal) and sessions will address the following issues; Watersheds & Pond Quality, Pond Design, Wildlife and Fish Management, Pond Ecology, Pond Safety, Tree and Shrub Planting and Aquatic Plant Management.

Storm Drain Labeling

In order to raise awareness of local water quality issues, the Youngs Creek watershed assessment staff is working in cooperation with a number of groups in Johnson County to label storm sewer drains with the phrase “No Dumping, Drains to Stream.”  If your group or organization would like to participate, contact Lisa or Laura at the SWCD office.

Rick Littleton with the Franklin Department of Public Works assists Mrs. Wilhelm’s Custer Baker Middle School students with applying storm drain labels in Franklin.

Unlike sewer systems, storm drains are not connected to treatment plants.  Therefore, whatever enters the storm drain is discharged directly into a creek or stream.  Much of the pollution in our creeks comes from everyday materials like motor oil, antifreeze, household chemicals, fertilizers, gasoline, and litter.  These substances are washed by rain or dumped from our streets, yards, driveways, and parking lots into the storm drain.  One quart of oil, for example, can ruin the quality of 250,000 gallons of water!


Education Programs

The Youngs Creek Watershed Project recognizes the need to educate people on the importance of clean water.  Staff will visit your school or group free of charge and present information relating to water quality and conservation. An excellent educational tool we have available is the Enviroscape (Picture shown to the right), an interactive watershed model that demonstrates how water pollution occurs in our communities.
If you would like to arrange a presentation or possible field trip contact Debra Ashack.
You can make a difference!


  • Do not use the storm drain to dispose of oil, antifreeze, or other materials.


  • Use fertilizer and pesticides according to the directions.  Avoid over-fertilizing.


  • Leave grass clippings and leaves on your lawn or in your garden to create a natural fertilizer.


  • Dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or composting it.


  • Wash your car in the grass, not the driveway.
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