Storm Drain Labeling Project

Sponsored by

Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District
Youngs Creek Watershed Project
Johnson County Solid Waste Management District
Franklin Department of Public Works
Johnson County Commissioners
Bargersville Department of Storm Water Management

What is the Storm Drain Labeling Project?

In order to raise awareness of local water quality issues within Johnson County, the Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District, the Youngs Creek Watershed Project, the Franklin Department of Public Works, the Johnson County Solid Waste Management District, the Johnson County Commissioners, and Bargersville Department of Storm Water Management are spreading the message, “No  Dumping, Drains to Creek”.  Labels like this are being placed on storm drains throughout neighborhoods in the County to alert people that discharges into storm drains pollute valuable water resources.

An example of a labeled storm drain.                                          An example of a label.
storm 2 storm 3







Why is it Important?

Unlike sewer systems, storm drains are not connected to treatment plants.  Whatever enters the storm drain is discharged directly to the creek. Much of the pollution in our creeks comes from everyday materials like motor oil, antifreeze, household chemicals, fertilizers, gasoline, litter, and soil erosion. These substances are washed by rain or dumped from our streets, yards, driveways, and parking lots into the storm drain. One quart of oil, for example, can ruin the quality of 250,000 gallons of water.

What Can I Do to Help?

Volunteer! The Storm Drain Labeling Project is done by volunteers in the community. Groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, environmental clubs, church youth groups, neighborhood/homeowner associations, grade school classes, civic, service, and other organizations are eligible to participate. Choose a neighborhood that needs storm drain labeling or we can choose one for you.

What will I be Doing?

A group of 6 more people can easily label a neighborhood in a couple of hours. In addition, door hangers will be placed on each house in the neighborhood. The door hangers let the homeowners know about the storm drain labeling project and what they can do to prevent stormwater pollution.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The Soil and Water Conservation District will provide groups with labeling kits and safety equipment.

A team leader will need to be designated to meet with SWCD staff to learn about the project, receive instructions, and pick up the labeling kit.

All volunteers will receive a small token of appreciation.

Where Can I get more Information?

If your group is interested in volunteering, please call the Johnson County SWCD at (317) 736-9540 or email us at

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