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Indian & Stotts Creek Watershed Cost-Share Program

The Johnson & Morgan SWCDs have received a state grant to administer cost share projects for landowners located in the Indian Creek and/or Stotts Creek Watershed.  Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, cover crops, livestock feeding pads (HUAPs), fence and rain barrels. Funds are limited and the program ends December 2014.  Call the […]

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Web Soil Survey

Web Soil Survey (WSS) provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. It is operated by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and provides access to the largest natural resource information system in the world. NRCS has soil maps and data available online for more than 95 percent of the […]

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HISTORY Over sixty years ago, when dust clouds from the Great Plains darkened the Eastern skies, our nation was in peril (see above left photo). Today, our land is in far different shape than it was in 1935, thanks to an ongoing conservation partnership that helps local land owners with solutions to their natural resource […]

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Are you confused when it comes to conservation programs?

We get a lot of questions regarding program administration.  Common questions include “Where do I take my receipts for a completed project?” and “Where do I go with questions about my waterway design?”  This presentation may help you navigate the maze of conservation program personnel and decide whom you need to contact with questions. Another great article […]

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Rain Barrel

The Johnson County SWCD is selling rain barrels.  The barrels are recycled plastic and include a downspout diverter kit that works on 3″ or 4″ downspouts.  The barrels have removable lids that are closed to mosquitoes and debris, but can be easily emptied and cleaned.  Please click here for more information. Please make checks for $100 per […]

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