The Johnson County SWCD governing body consists of five supervisors. Three members are elected at an annual meeting, and two are appointed by the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee based on recommendations of the district leadership. Thus, the selection of all five supervisors is based on input from the local community.

The five supervisors’ major roles are to evaluate local soil and water conservation needs and opportunities, to set priorities, and to provide for the development of programs to meet those prioritized needs within the district.

Board of Supervisors

Kevin Thompson, Chairman

Virginia Pollert, Vice-Chairman

Joe Bill Misiniec, Member

Jim Risch, Member

Chris Campbell, Member

Office Staff

Kathy Haste, Director                                    , (317) 736-9540 Ext 102

Melissa South,  Ag Conservation Programs   , (317) 736-9540 Ext 103

Blair Beavers, Assistant Director/Education Coordinator, (317) 739-9540 Ext 101